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WIN! A NEW Vision Stillmaniac 10ft 7-wt Fly Rod

We’ve teamed up with Guide Fly Fishing to offer one lucky reader the chance to win one of the NEW Vision Stillmaniac fly rods worth £369.99. This stunning new rod from Vision has been designed in conjunction with some of the top competition anglers with the UK stillwater bank and boat angler in mind.

There are just two models in the new Stillmaniac range: a 9ft 9in 6-wt ideal for the small-water angler and the 10ft 7-wt for those who fish the big waters. The 10ft 7-wt is a powerful fast-action rod designed for long casts and fishing with the whole range of sinking lines out there today. The rod loads quickly and effortlessly allowing you to get distance with very few false casts.

The smart slate blue blank has length measurements along the butt section of the rod which you can use to measure your prized catch or help you keep consistency with the length of your leader set-ups. It also has lining up marks to guide you when assembling.

The stylish orange rod markings and stunning reel seat really give this rod a classy look. This rod is a true all-round reservoir rod with a soft tip to cushion those savage takes and plenty of backbone to launch a whole range of fly lines. This will be the reservoir rod of 2020!

NEW Vision Stillmaniac 10ft 7-wt Fly Rod At A Glance
• Fast, crisp action
• Slate blue blank with stylish orange markings
• 114g in weight
• Light single leg guides
• Smart reel seat design
• Full wells handle and orange EVA fighting butt
• Length measurements on the blank at 400mm, 500mm, 600mm and 700mm
• Four pieces
• Blue sectioned rod tube


For your chance to win this NEW Vision Stillmaniac 10ft 7-wt Fly Rod, simply answer the following question:

In Issue 7 Steve Smalley heads to Malham Tarn in search of its beautiful buttercup browns. In this feature he uses one of the UK’s most successful stillwater lure patterns. What pattern does he use?


Competition closes on Friday 30 May 2020.

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  • The magazine is a really good read and very enjoyable. Particularly with the recent virus lockdown. The only omission that grates slightly is the paucity of of tackle information and types of tippets, line. knots and leaders sizes as given in the articles. With the greatest respect, not all of your readers are as anywhere near an expert as we would like to be, and it may just be a little old hat for those that do profess expertship, but for me and I’m sure I’m not alone the more detail the better. We want to learn. I must add that for me its not about catching fish, yes its good, but just being on the bank watching the wildlife and scenery and communing with nature is what its all about. Perhaps more detail about other animals, flora and fuana with a view as to how it affects our fishing might be a good slant to adopt. Also, not being as well healed as some, some of the equipment prices look to be slightly obscene, could lesser value fishing kit be reviewed.? As in for instance, how do Shakespeare budget Agility 2 and Agility Rise rods compare to the more exotic brands?